Every individual has a different reason for seeking psychotherapy. Whatever the reason is, whether it is to assist with managing a mood disorder, trauma debriefing or grief therapy to name a few, therapy can assist in many different ways.

Therapy provides a confidential, professional and private space in which to work through current and past difficulties. It allows for learning about oneself, developing new and more healthy coping mechanisms or learning to manage stress and anxiety. Therapy can also allow you to achieve more meaning in your life.

Therapy involves firstly developing a relationship between therapist and client€, in order to allow for a comfortable space in which to work through difficulties. At this stage, an assessment will be done and more information about the presenting problem will be given and discussed. From there, goals will be determined by both client and therapist.

I provide both short and long term therapy. Below are some of the reasons that people may seek therapy:
• Depression, feelings of hopelessness and helplessness
• Feeling suicidal
• Post natal depression after giving birth.
• Anxiety and panic attacks
• Traumatic experiences such as hijacking, robbery, domestic abuse
• Chronic illnesses such as cancer and HIV
• Stress and a desire for improved coping skills
• Infertility issues
• Losing a loved one and dealing with grief
• Relationship issues
• Major life changes such as change of job
• Assessments- cognitive, emotional, career guidance, neuropsychological