Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is offered to adolescents aged 12 and above as well as to adults. I specialize in many psychiatric difficulties such as depression , anxiety, panic disorder, personality difficulties and bipolar disorder.

I also provide trauma debriefing and therapy for those individuals that have experienced different kinds of traumas. These traumas may have occurred recently or many years ago. If you have experienced a trauma such as a hijacking or armed robbery,and you are experiencing unpleasant symptoms, it is important to seek help immediately. I also deal with traumas such as physical, emotional and sexual abuse, which may still be occurring or may have occurred a long time ago. Traumas can have an affect on emotional, physical, occupational and daily functioning and it is important to process these traumas.

Grief therapy is also offered for those who have lost a loved one. This can be an incredibly difficult time and talking it through can be very helpful.

I have also had experience in working with cancer diagnosis during my community service year. I offer therapy to those who have been diagnosed with cancer and other chronic illnesses as well as to the family members.